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Hunter&Co’s leadership team has a combined 40-years of experience on the African Continent. This extensive collective experience brings a deep understanding of the talent of Africa’s emerging leaders, its energy and intellectual vigour, and its natural endowment that is so critical to the world’s clean energy transition. The African Century is upon us.

Bringing business and people together to share wealth, knowledge, and experience

The African Continent has six of the world’s ten fastest growing countries.
Hunter&Co is active in two of the top five fastest growing economies.
Hunter&Co is currently working with the two countries which attract the most greenfield Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Hunter&Co has an experienced global executive team complemented by connected in-country principals. We bring experience, a powerful network, and a distinct approach founded on the ideals of equal partnerships, mutual investment results, and intercultural understanding. Hunter&Co connects private sector interests into Africa, and provides the guidance necessary to navigate its diverse political, economic, and social contexts. We provide investment advisory, transaction structuring, and strategic business partnership support.

Hunter&Co’s deep understanding of the challenges in navigating these diverse contexts, and our belief in the urgent need to bring business, government, and people together to share in wealth, knowledge and experience anticipated during the African Century, make it an effective actor in the development of commercial partnerships on the African Continent.


Strategic Partnerships

Hunter&Co provides expert assistance in the structuring and development of significant strategic investment projects, working with governments open to foreign investment. We want to connect with companies interested in understanding how we can help investors and organisations contribute to the accelerated economic development trajectory on the Continent through trade, commerce, and direct engagement.

Market Entry in Africa

We assist foreign companies seeking to establish, or broaden, their footprint in Africa, adding value through high-level engagement. Often, outcomes depend on reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Hunter&Co has a strong, trusted, and influential network in a range of African countries, and can add value in-country.

Market Entry - Africa to the world

Founded in Australia, Hunter&Co is a global company with a footprint in Asia and North America. We specialise in market-entry strategy and execution for governments and private sector companies seeking to access foreign capital, partners, expertise, or consumers.

Digital Trade Office

We have also invested in modern, technology-based solutions, including the Digital Trade Office – a concept developed through a Joint Venture with Australian technology consultancy Katalyst Interactive.
Digital Trade Office is designed to provide a more personalised experience for investors seeking opportunities in a particular African country. It provides deeper information about doing business in that country and matching their interests with live projects.
We will be positioned to launch this platform - the first of its kind anywhere in the world - in 2024.

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Hunter&Co’s leadership team has a combined 40-years of experience on the African Continent.

  • Rwanda (RDB / RMB) to Australia
  • Namibia (NIPDB) to Australia
  • Namibia (NIPDB) to Canada
  • SoMo Serve Engagement

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